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Creating instrumental music, ambient music, soundtracks, movie scores, commercial soundscapes, hip-hop beats

Who is Soundphaser

Soundphaser is the producer's alias of Bruno Silva, a composer and producer of soundtracks, Instrumental and ambient music. He is a piano & guitar & drum player, a mountainbiker and a cryptocurrency enthusiast, always seeking to learn new skills. He is also a proud musicoin.org ambassador. He loves making music so much that can even provide musical services tailored to your needs and with his special touch.

Working and having fun

That is my philosofy. My main goal is to make great music and have fun at the process. Whether it's just for my own fun, or for a client I put my best effort, using the best of my inspiration and technology I can afford to achieve that perfect and unique sound.

Based in Portugal, I rely on my fans & friends on the internet to reach the world. Apart from my own releases as Soundphaser, my first client was a writer for whom I made a soundscape for a book promotional video on youtube. From there we started making soundtracks.

Recently I started making hip-hop arrangements and beats. So as you can see I cover a vast range of the musical spectrum. Whether using cellos and violas, pianos, synthesizers or an old 606 drum machine, the beauty is to make great sounding music. And I am honored to share it with you.


These are my latest Soundphaser releases. Click the play button and enjoy!

Musicoin Portfolio

Love is a strange place

Musicoin Portfolio

Poisonous Matter

Musicoin Portfolio

It Keeps Coming

Musicoin Portfolio


Musicoin Portfolio

Rhodesian Caterpillar

Musicoin Portfolio

Vital Signs

Musicoin Portfolio

Hip-Hop beat/arrangement #1

Musicoin Portfolio

Sounds of Wild


Enjoy this playlist curated by Soundphaser with wonderful artists from Musicoin


I'm blessed to have talented people saying such nice things about my work!

Ian Spyker

Soundphaser makes emotionally compelling, piano driven instrumental experiments. This music has no words, yet speaks to a timeless struggle between perseverance and surrender...The haunting undercurrent is often driven by a hip-hop style back beat, completed and accentuated with a rolling, swing-time hi-hat. Any fan of Instrumental hip-hop arrangements, or progressive trip-hop inspired EDM will enjoy every note in these tunes
Calming, atmospheric - really lovely...has a strong organic feeling amidst the electronic ambiance



Rafael Loureiro

Book author
A minha banda desenhada multimédia não teria a mesma qualidade e envolvência sem o trabalho profissional do Soundphaser. Excelentes escolhas de sons e efeitos sonoros. Timing perfeito. 5*****

I'm a fan of

In my journey as an artist using the musicoin.org streaming platform, I found hugely talented artists that made this platform my go-to place to listen to quality music in all genres. Make sure to check out these guys work! They are wonderfull artists and an inspiration!

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Composer & Audio Engineer


Music Producer & Composer

Asterios Papastamatakis

Keyboard Player

Self Suffice


Pascal Guyon

Multi-Grammy Nominated Music Producer


British Indie Rock

Walter Fini

Composer & Producer

Anderson Quevedo

Saxophonist & Composer


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